8 Signs you’re Being Scammed by A Locksmith

8 Signs You’re Being Scammed by A Locksmith

There are plenty of reasons to call in a locksmith, when you are locked outside your home or a vehicle. Locksmiths will make your life easy by unlocking the door lock.

Locksmiths can open the door without needing the right key. How can you ensure you have called in a professional who will do his job and go away and never come back in your absence? Well, these are the best 8 signs you’re being scammed by a locksmith that can help you avoid such people.


Scam locksmith will never send you a quote on letterhead. Even if they send you a quote on letterhead, it won’t bear any address and bank account. So ask for these details. Mostly they will never respond.

2. Matching both costs

Once the work is done, match the quote and the work done cost. If there’s a big difference affecting you, then immediately contact the main office.

3.  Upfront Payment

Regardless of which industry service you are calling in for. The biggest scam comes from asking for upfront payment. This is where you can decide whether to proceed with such people for lock services. Once you made a payment, they will disappear without a trace. You are left with nothing but lost money.

4. No Credentials

Always ask the locksmith for accreditation. Certified locksmiths will have the license, and other documents in order.  Ask for ID if they are at your doorsteps.

If they cannot provide the accreditation or ID, then surely you are heading into a scam. Stop communicating with them.

5. Company and Vehicle ties

Many times you feel secure by hiring a company instead of a solo locksmith. A company will send their people in a professional marked vehicle, in uniform and documents.

You may ensure they have their employment badge and certification on the vehicle, clothing, or other tools. If you find any of these without identification, then surely they are not the right people.

6. Behavior

If they are behaving strange or hesitant in performing the job, you called for. Then you don’t let them in. They may look for a chance to enter your premises and get what they want and leave for good. Never let them in, trust your instinct.

7. Ask Extra Locksmith Charges

This is another sign of scam if a locksmith asks you more money after completing the job. You can avoid this risk by asking them during the appointment if any hidden charges are there.

8. Replacement of Lock

This is the worst scene if a locksmith is asking to replace the lock. There’s no thumb rule, but an experienced locksmith can unlock almost any door. So, be careful.


In the end, you may plan to hire a locksmith who is not falling within these tips. This may be a great way to avoid locksmith scammers. So, you ensure you got the right person or company to repair or unlock your door. It’s your safety that matters most.