9 Helpful Tips on How to Reduce the Chances of a House Burglary

9 Helpful Tips on How to Reduce the Chances of a House Burglary

Break-ins are common during summer vacations. You should not skip your summer vacation but you must secure your home. Burglaries can happen when you are away, and even when you are inside.

There are ways to protect your hard-earned valuables. Therefore, it would be best if you looked into the top 9 helpful tips on how to reduce the chances of a house burglary.

1. Locks

You should keep your windows and door locked all the time. Follow this habit even if you go out for a short time. Always secure your valuables like cash, bonds, credit cards, etc. in a lockbox.

2. Change Passcodes

Keeping the same passcode for electronic locks may not be a viable option. Keep changing these passcodes for garage doors, from time to time.

3. Cover windows

In order to keep potential burglars keep guessing, always lock your garage and keep windows covers down. This will keep your valuable items out of sight.

4. Motion Sensors

If technology can monitor someone far away, then why not install motion sensor lights? You can make it more secure by putting deadbolts locks. Upgrade your garage and entrance door locks with these.

5. Trim Bushes and Plants

If you have a lawn or garden with heavy bushes or fully grown trees, then trim their branches that are hanging on top of your terrace or windows. This will eliminate hiding spots.

6. Go for Incognito vacations

Don’t declare on social media or keep others updated about your travel plans. You can post pics on social media once you are back. Remember, burglars are also monitoring social media to know who is away for long.

7. Live in looks

If you are away for full summer vacation or some extended period. Then you give your home live-in looks. How? Let’s see:

•            Keep a car in the driveway

•            Keep your curtain slightly open and leave on a light working on timer

•            Discontinue newspaper subscription for as long as you are away

8.  Change Locks

Always change locks for doors if you are moving into a new home or lost your keys. Anyone may possess these keys and make a break-in.

9. Secure Vehicle

Remember to keep your vehicle free for all valuable like cash, credit cards, cellular phones, laptops, and watches, etc. There are opportunistic burglars or petty criminal always target such vehicle.


Remember that burglars mostly rely on hiding and speedy work. In order to counter house burglary, a security system may be most viable option.

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