Apartment Lock Solutions

Keypad Locks

With a keypad lock, forgetting the key before you leave isn’t even an option! Through pressing the correct keys in the correct order, tenants will be able to enter. This can be a good option for tenants as they can provide loved ones or trusted friends with the code so they can access the apartment or building. Another option with those using keypad locks is using it only for the entrance door. Combine this feature with traditional locks or keycards/ fabs for specific tenant doors. This allows tenants only to need one key to remember, and since they know the code, they will always be able to get into the building. Now, if a tenant has a guest coming over, they can let them know the code and keep their apartment door unlocked so guests can let themselves in.

Why Keypad Systems are better than traditional locks

When a key is lost, it leaves the chance of a security breach. The only way to remedy this is to replace the lock entirely and getting new keys. A keypad solution for either the entrance door or individual is simply more convenient. As a building owner, this will also result in saving you money. Once installed, tenants won’t need to require re-keying of locks or lock-replacement due to lost keys.

Electronic Access Options

Electronic Access Control provides users or tenants keycard or fabs that when applied to sensor, grant access. A big advantage to these systems is they can be updated remotely by an admin. Artery Lock is capable of installing and managing these systems for your apartment complex or building.

Artery Lock: Providing Greater Boston, MA Apartments exceptional Security solutions

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