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Belmont, MA Locksmith Services

With our office located just a few miles away in Medford, we have been providing Belmont, MA locksmith services to residents and businesses since we opened our doors 50 years ago! With Belmont’s proximity to Waltham, Sommerville, and the city of Boston, its 26,000 residents need a reliable locksmith service they can depend on. See some of the services we provide those living and working in the great town of Belmont!

Locksmith Service in Belmont, MA

If your Belmont home or business needs locksmith services, give Artery Lock a call today! We offer our full suite of locksmith services for Belmont based service calls. These services include Lockout Re-entry, the installation of Code Compliant Door Hardware, and Electronic access control. Our team of trained locksmith professionals has the right know-how and tools to perform any job.

Video Surveillance in Belmont, MA

Video Surveillance, whether in a residential or commercial setting, helps with visibility for those managing said building. Our team of video surveillance technicians can identify blind spots and vulnerabilities where you should have video cameras set up. In addition to expert installation, our team can help explain and manage video surveillance applications that you can either on your PC, Mobile Phone, or tablet. If you feel your Belmont home or Business could use a video surveillance upgrade, give us a call today.

Electronic Access Control in Belmont MA

Alongside locksmith services, we offer Electronic Access Control installation and repair for our Belmont customers. Electronic Access Control allows admins to monitor the entry of individuals based on credentials provided to RFID cards. Generally found in business settings, Electronic access control can reduce theft and increase employee productivity.

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