Tips on Preventing Burglaries for Businesses

broken window burglary

Break-ins can be very expensive and scary for anyone, including business owners. Fixing the broken windows or doors can cost a fortune, not to mention the items/money stolen during the burglary. Protect your business and your bank account by taking these preventative steps to stop a burglar right in their tracks. Tempered Glass Windows Instead…

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The Benefits of Having Home Video Surveillance

2020 business security

Home surveillance systems are a great way for homeowners to keep an eye out for their homes when they are not there. Whether you’re on vacation or just at work, you should not have to worry about your home. Home surveillance systems offer both indoor and outdoor cameras to monitor and protect your home. Many…

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9 Helpful Tips on How to Reduce the Chances of a House Burglary

lock service

9 Helpful Tips on How to Reduce the Chances of a House Burglary Break-ins are common during summer vacations. You should not skip your summer vacation but you must secure your home. Burglaries can happen when you are away, and even when you are inside. There are ways to protect your hard-earned valuables. Therefore, it…

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8 Signs you’re Being Scammed by A Locksmith

Residential Security in Boston

8 Signs You’re Being Scammed by A Locksmith There are plenty of reasons to call in a locksmith, when you are locked outside your home or a vehicle. Locksmiths will make your life easy by unlocking the door lock. Locksmiths can open the door without needing the right key. How can you ensure you have…

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How Apartment Locks Can Boost Your Buildings Security

Apt. Complex

As the owner of a residential building or an apartment, it is essential to keep the security uptight. It is the responsibility of the landlord to make sure that the tenants of all the apartments feel safe. Therefore, it is important to consider all the options available for building security.  While investing in CCTVs improves…

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5 Questions to Ask a Commercial Locksmith before Hiring Them

Artery Lock Master Locksmiths and Security Integration Specialists

Did you lose your house keys or dropped your expensive car’s keys? It is important to replace the locking and security system of your property in case you lost a key or two. Therefore, hiring a locksmith can come in handy. But before you hire a professional locksmith to install new locks for your house…

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How to Perform a Security Audit For Your Home?


Your home’s security should be a priority no matter how busy life gets and how comfortable you may feel in your home. The truth is that criminals rarely go on vacation and if your home is vulnerable to a break-in, chances are you could be next to be burglarized. A home security audit will allow…

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How Can I Improve My Boston Area Home’s Security This Spring?

Breaking and Entering

Spring brings in a new, fresh feeling that inspires and motivates many to refresh their homes to match the season itself. This is the time when spring cleaning is typically scheduled into daily routines and the old is thrown out for more inviting and appealing replacements. There’s a lot of assessment and changes that come…

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Upgrading your residential security in 2021

Home Security Systems In Boston

We exist in a world where there are a lot of security risks. As every day passes by, crime and security sabotage rates are on the increase. How can you give your residence some measure of security push and upgrade to lower the risk of crime and burgling? The fact is that no security upgrade…

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