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Even in areas considered “safe,” we very often lock our doors. Whether it is in our comfortable home or our car in a parking lot, locking everything up is a safe habit. When it comes to your home and your loved ones inside of it, nothing could be more important. With a security system, you…(Read More)

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Most new homeowners tend to change the lock systems in their house once they move in. With the FBI Crime Statistics indicating that over 2.5 million burglaries occur each year, it is easy to see why most people would worry. But is replacing your old lock the only option? Most homeowners usually have an…(Read More)


Did you know that a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the United States? A home invasion is a nightmare that all homeowners want to avoid. Unfortunately, it can be easy to leave yourself at risk if you do not know how to protect yourself. Whether you are a first time home buyer or…(Read More)


In a recent study, about 80% of participants agreed that certain businesses can unintentionally and indirectly increase crime. Many business owners agree and take precautionary security measures to ensure the safety of patrons, employees, and assets. So which types of businesses attract which types of criminals? Read on for more information.  Sports Stadiums and Concert…(Read More)

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Businesses are always looking for ways to improve. One of these ways includes improved security measures. There are many reasons to improve your security, some of which include boosting productivity and resolving conflicts that may have arisen over time. It takes a few extra measures than just putting up security cameras to improve your security…(Read More)