Boston, MA

Boston SkylineBoston is the heart, soul, and lifeblood of New England. Artery Lock is proud to say we have been providing locksmith and security solutions for Bostons business’ and homes for over 58 years. Since opening in 1960, we have seen the city expand, come together for positive change and support, and a numerous amount of Championship parades. America’s revolution started here and those working in Boston still maintain the “get it done” attitude. Artery Lock’s Medford location is only a short 6.5-mile ride to Boston’s famed downtown crossing shopping area, right in the middle of the city. If you reside or have a business in Boston, continue reading some the services we provide below!

Locksmith & Security Expert in Boston, MA

Our Boston, MA locksmiths provide security and access control services within the city limits and throughout eastern Massachusetts. Our trained technicians can do anything from simple key replacement to a full security solution assessment. We utilize hardware that is industry compliant and top tier. Learn more about how our locksmiths can help secure your home or business and give you peace of mind.

Video Surveillance Installation & Services Provider in Boston, MA

Video surveillance has become a vital part of security within the industry. As technology continues to grow and become increasingly accessible, video surveillance has become an affordable option for both Business’ and personal residences. In addition to code compliant, locking solutions, the addition of video surveillance can help bring your security to the 21st century. Video surveillance can even be accessed by mobile devices, keeping you always connected and feeling secure. Call our sales staff to learn more about how we can help implement video surveillance for your home or business in Boston, MA.

Electronic Access Control Installation & Maintenance in Boston, MA

Electronic Access control can be used on both a Commercial or Residential level. Electronic Access Control provides the head of house or business owner insight as to when an area/door is unlocked and who had unlocked it. Each employee or resident is given a Fob or Keycard that is specific to them. Electronic Access logs people coming and going. With it being connected via a network, an admin can revoke or grant user permissions at any time. This gives you more control and also can cut down on replacing locks when someone loses a traditional key. If someone were to lose a keycard, all that is required is revoking the access on that card and creating a new card for said person. Let us walk through the advantages of Electronic Access Control system for your business or home in Boston, MA!

Call us today regarding any of your security needs and our knowledgeable staff will be able to answer all your questions!