Brookline, MA Locksmith & Security Services

Brookline, Massachusetts, is a city just outside Boston’s city limits and widely considered a part of the capital city. While located on the opposite side of Boston’s metro area, Artery Lock is happy to provide our services to the homeowners, residents, and business of Brookline, MA. Continue reading to learn more about the services offered by Artery Lock.

Locksmith Services in Brookline, MA

Artery Lock technicians are your first resource for all your locksmith needs. From traditional lockout calls to a full home or business security audit. Our technicians are well versed in your old school locks and locks that are capable to sync with internet or need power to operate. If you have been locked out or need a locksmith to re-key or swap out your locks, contact Artery Lock today.

Video Security Surveillance Installation Professionals in Brookline, MA

Does your Brookline home or business require new or updated video surveillance? Artery Lock security technicians are not only experts at installation but will walk you through the software necessary to monitor and use the surveillance. By putting themselves in the shoes of potential criminals, our technicians will assess your home or business and ensure no blind spots exist while your system is operating. Do you have an existing surveillance system, but think it could do more? Contact us today for a free security audit.

Electronic Access Control Installation in Brookline, MA

Your business or property deserves the industries’ top security measures. Electronic Access Control allows property managers to have full insight and control of who enters which secure doors. This technology is perfect for a secure environment like medical labs, financial institutions, and even municipal building. By providing users key fabs or entry codes, admins can grant and revoke permissions from the convenience of a computer program. This program also logs who enters which doorways and provides admins with this information in case there is a security breach.

Artery Lock | Providing Brookline, MA Exceptional Locksmith & Security Services

If you live or work in Brookline, MA, and are looking for a security expert you can trust, contact Artery Lock today. We pride ourselves on providing the areas best security services at the most competitive prices. Questions regarding our services or capabilities? Call us today, and we are happy to review our services in detail and answer all your questions.