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lock service

Most new homeowners tend to change the lock systems in their house once they move in. With the FBI Crime Statistics indicating that over 2.5 million burglaries occur each year, it is easy to see why most people would worry. But is replacing your old lock the only option? Most homeowners usually have an…(Read More)

ADa compliant

The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that all people have access to businesses and places that those who are able-bodied can enter and exit from. This ranges from things like ramps, handicap doors, and more. Each and every business is to comply to these standards, so here’s how to make sure everything is…(Read More)

Residential Door Hardware

In the past, upgrading security for your home or business could also mean making a compromise in style or design. As the need for decorative and secure solutions increased within the marketplace, we here at Artery Lock have partnered with numerous hardware providers who stay up to date with current and timeless styles. Today, security…(Read More)

Automatic Door Closer

If you own a business or manage a building, there are many decisions regarding the door hardware you will be utilizing. An application that many people choose to add on to doors are automatic door openers. There are many advantages to adding these to your building’s doors. Learn more about the application of door…(Read More)