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Integrated Security

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve. One of these ways includes improved security measures. There are many reasons to improve your security, some of which include boosting productivity and resolving conflicts that may have arisen over time. It takes a few extra measures than just putting up security cameras to improve your security…(Read More)

ADA compliance Artery Lock

Did you know that your business’s doors need to be ADA compliant? You may have heard the term, but you might not understand whether your doors qualify or what exactly it means to comply. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about ADA door compliance for your business. What is…(Read More)

Every homeowner considers the safety of their home from time to time. Whether you hear of a coworker’s house getting broken into, or there are a string of robberies in your city, you may want to make sure your home is as secure as possible. These are some quick ways you can improve the…(Read More)

Map MA is an industry resource that provides statistics and rankings for how safe a town or city is. Just a few weeks ago, the top 25 safest towns/cities in Massachusetts was published and released to the public. Some of these rankings make perfect sense while some came as a surprise to some. We…(Read More)


Fingerprint scanners were once an image seen in movies of the future, right next to flying cars and robot waiters, but it turns out fingerprint technology has evolved much faster than our cars or food service industries! Fingerprint scanners are no longer a futuristic image, but a daily reality for most smartphone users. In addition…(Read More)


The Somerville Police Department apprehended a man that is suspected of starting 3 separate fires this past Wednesday. The accused man has been accused of starting 3 fires near Partner HealthCare, located in Assembly Row of Somerville. The police responded to a call at 4:30 AM regarding 3 fires. These fires took place in…(Read More)


Privacy laws are something that vary state to state, but one of them has gained attention in recent months. Two party consent laws are something that leaves many people unsure of grey areas and specific scenarios including those with surveillance systems, As a person owning a security system, it is important to understand the two…(Read More)

keyless entry

Getting locked out of your home or business is never an enjoyable experience. From the initial panic to the feeling of helplessness once you accept the situation you are in, being locked out means you are stuck. With the only options being breaking a window/door or waiting for a key holder to come by…(Read More)