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The Somerville Police Department apprehended a man that is suspected of starting 3 separate fires this past Wednesday. The accused man has been accused of starting 3 fires near Partner HealthCare, located in Assembly Row of Somerville. The police responded to a call at 4:30 AM regarding 3 fires. These fires took place in…(Read More)


Privacy laws are something that vary state to state, but one of them has gained attention in recent months. Two party consent laws are something that leaves many people unsure of grey areas and specific scenarios including those with surveillance systems, As a person owning a security system, it is important to understand the two…(Read More)

keyless entry

Getting locked out of your home or business is never an enjoyable experience. From the initial panic to the feeling of helplessness once you accept the situation you are in, being locked out means you are stuck. With the only options being breaking a window/door or waiting for a key holder to come by…(Read More)

If you manage a building or a parking area, you know better than anyone else the security challenges that come with it. Did you know 1 in 10 property crimes happen in a parking lot or garage? Here at Artery Lock, we have experience in securing parking lot and structures. We wanted to write a…(Read More)

Artery Lock Master Locksmiths and Security Integration Specialists

Here at Artery Lock Security Integration, we are all about security. With that being the case, we understand that while security is vitally important to a home or business, we also understand maintaining a room or buildings appearance is also important. Being able to provide security solutions that tastefully appeal to the already existing aesthetics…(Read More)

Secure park

Within the security industry, allocating money towards the security of private property and residences is a straightforward process. As a business owner, your responsibility it to protect your building and assets. As a municipality or building manager, making sure public areas are safe and monitored can be another issue. We wanted to highlight some of…(Read More)

Are you considering installing a video surveillance system to your residence? If so, there are a few tricks that can ensure you are getting the most out of your homes system. Take a look at our blog on the ins and outs regarding home surveillance and how to keep your home safe. Artery Lock is…(Read More)

access control

When considering adding electronic access control, Role-Based systems generally offer the most amount of control. Role-based systems operate exactly as they sound. Give a person a fab or access card and that card is associated with their name. Within the management system, you will be able to assign that person access to each…(Read More)


IOT and Video Surveillance Today, everything seems to be connected to the world wide web. IOT or the “Internet of Things” have naturally become a part of security as well, providing those insights on when and where people are entering and leaving areas. Tying together multiple digital systems within your business or office building creates…(Read More)