Decorative Hardware your Style

In the past, upgrading security for your home or business could also mean making a compromise in style or design. As the need for decorative and secure solutions increased within the marketplace, we here at Artery Lock have partnered with numerous hardware providers who stay up to date with current and timeless styles. Today, security and style are combined in all the hardware we recommend to our clients.

Commercial Door Hardware

The doors of your business can present its first impression to a potential customer. Commercial door hardware can be industrial, meaning more standard and practical, or could resemble a regular door handle or knob. For Commercial door hardware, we can incorporate keyless entry, so employees can have RFID keycards providing easy access with permissions. Keyless entry is something we have seen a lot of commercial clients elect as an option due to some of its capabilities that can help businesses.

For all our commercial clients, we install ANSI grade hardware. Learn more here.

Residential Door Hardware

Residential Door hardware tends to have more focus on its aesthetics as it should complement other accents of the home. As mentioned, this doesn’t have an effect of its functionality as a secure piece of hardware within your home. In addition to carrying new styles and models, we have in stock and provide repair services for older, antique entry sets and mortice locks. Generally, much heavy than today’s locks and entry sets due to the material it is made of, these antique locks hold up the test of time.

Artery Lock: Your Commercial and Residential Lock Provider

Artery Lock has been providing the greater Boston area’s residents and business exceptional lock and security solutions for over 30 years. If you have questions regarding door hardware we recommend, your home or businesses overall security, or our capabilities as a security company, give us a call today. We work with our clients to ensure we provide a secure solution at the best price. We offer on-site inspections where we welcome building managers to walk with us to discuss vulnerabilities and recommendations for security. We look forward to your call and continuing being Boston’s first choice when it comes to security!