Different Types of Door Hardware for Commerical Businesses

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Automatic Door Closer

Many business and industrial buildings use door closers. It is a device that ensures that a door will close itself without slamming. Door closers add a level of convenience to businesses and reduce the annoying and distributive slamming sound of regular doors. In addition to all of these benefits, automatic door closers also provide an extra level of security. Because the doors close themselves after being open, there is no need to worry that a door wasn’t closed and unwanted people can’t come in. Another benefit of automatic door closers is that in case of a fire, door closers ensure that the fire doors will remain closed to reduce the spread of the fire.

The Different Types of Automatic Door Closers

  • Air-Based Door Closers
  • Fluid-Based Door Closers 
  • Pot Belly Door Closers

Crash Bar

A crash bar can go by multiple different names, including a push bar or panic bar. Ultimately a crash bar is a bar that goes across a door that can be pushed to open the door instead of having a doorknob. Many commercial businesses and public places use these because it allows for traffic to move quickly through the door. Some businesses use these for emergency use and have them linked with an alarm system that will be triggered if the door is open.

Video Surveillance Systems With Access Control

Video surveillance systems are a security feature that every commercial business should be using. Video surveillance comes with a lot of benefits, including deterring thieves, monitoring daily activity, and in the unfortunate case of a break-in, you will have evidence to catch the culprit. Video surveillance systems today are designed so you can monitor the cameras from anywhere by using your phone. These systems can also alert you when people enter and leave the building, which helps monitor and improve security.

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