How Can I Improve My Boston Area Home’s Security This Spring?

Spring brings in a new, fresh feeling that inspires and motivates many to refresh their homes to match the season itself. This is the time when spring cleaning is typically scheduled into daily routines and the old is thrown out for more inviting and appealing replacements. There’s a lot of assessment and changes that come with spring and this is the time to improve your Boston area home’s security.  How exactly can you do that? Check out these useful tips that you can apply this spring.

Perform a Small Security Spring Cleaning

Outdoor bulbs should be clean and not covered in dirt and dust and should be working properly. Recharge light batteries if necessary. Ensure that your house address is visible and properly positioned, particularly for cases of emergency. Evaluate your window and door latches or locks to see if they are in good working order. Check the batteries of your indoor smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. All these small assessments can help to improve your home’s security.

Make Out-of-Town Security Arrangements

When you are away, the mailman and the garbage collector will still be working. You want things to appear normal in your absence so that any suspecting intruder will think twice about invading your home. Before heading out of town, ask your neighbor to pick up your mail and newspaper(s), and to put out your garbage on pick-up day. A big green light for a home invasion to intruders is an overfilled mailbox, a pile of newspapers outside, and trash that hasn’t been put out or receptacles not taken back in.

Don’t Post Vacation Plan on Social Media

Going on a vacation can bring a lot of excitement and you might be tempted to share your plans. However, if you do share, keep the sharing limited to your need-to-know circle. Do not post on your social media platforms any details regarding your trip, where you are going, when you are leaving, nor when you’ll be returning. Go and enjoy yourself and when you return post about your getaway.

Prune Yard Shrubs and Trees

You may not think about it, but your trees and shrubs can provide concealment for potential burglars.

Overgrown yard trees and shrubs should be pruned to remove potential hiding spots. Trim bushy foliage and cut overhanging or overgrown branches, particularly those around gates and windows, where daytime burglars often break in to enter your home.

Set Up Home Video Surveillance

If you haven’t yet installed home video surveillance, it may be time to make that addition to beef up your home’s security. Consider installing video cameras in strategic positions on both the interior and exterior of your home. Video surveillance can provide you with both audio and visual that could prove useful in having solid evidence that could nail the culprits in the event of a burglary in your home.

Artery Lock: Greater Boston’s Top Security Expert

Your Boston home could probably benefit from spring security upgrades that are long overdue. Whether you believe that your area is relatively peaceful and has little problem with crime, prevention is better than cure. Protect your home with security measures that work and stop a burglary before it happens.