How Installing Video Surveillance During COVID-19 Can Help Protect Your Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has many people who usually work in an office space working from home now. While this current event has impacted many industries, crime continues to be a present danger and risk. If you own a business that has office space or you are a property manager, keeping your building safe is a challenge today. Even if you regularly check up on the property, there is always the chance a criminal finds their way to your building when you are not there or during the late evening or early morning hours. Artery Lock is not only open to install high-security defense systems but also video surveillance systems. Continue reading the advantages of installing a video surveillance system during these times!

Increased Security Presence

The presence of security cameras is generally enough to deter criminal activity. Criminals that are entering business parks or office buildings are usually not first-time crooks. These types of criminals will ‘case’ the building, which means they investigate to see if there are guards, cameras, or other security measures in place. During this process, if the criminals see a professionally installed camera, they will most likely end up moving to a different target.

Evidence in the event of a Break-in

Video Surveillance provides law enforcement and insurance companies evidence in the event of a break-in. This can lead to the recovery of the items stolen from your business. If your business cannot recover the items due to criminal damage or the criminals sold the stolen property, insurance can help mitigate costs if you have coverage. Video evidence can be the primary evidence used in exposing weak alibis and catching the criminal. This not only puts an end to this criminal breaking into your property again, but it also helps the community as a whole.

Remote accessibility

Lastly, and which most people enjoy the most, is the remote accessibility that video surveillance offers. After your system is installed, admins can log in via a computer, tablet, and even smartphone to get a real-time view of your property.

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