Security System

How to minimizes chances of a burglary


Breaking down burglaries with numbers

Every 13 seconds a home intrusion is happening this totals out to 2.5 million+ homes. Most of these break in occur between 11 AM and 3 PM, this is a normal time no one is home. Just under 17% of the home that is broken into have a security system. Thieves typically choose the easier route of entry, this can be a window or unlocked door. Surprisingly over 33% of burglars walk through an unlocked front door. Less than 13% of robbers are caught by law enforcement due to the lack of witnesses or security surveillance systems. The numbers show the investment on a home security system can minimize the chances of a home intrusion.

What to do in the meantime before home security install happens

You can guard your home against burglars by simply locking the door and locking windows while no one is home. Make sure to call a professional to replace any faulty locks because it would be easy for a thief to jig an old lock with a set of pliers or a screwdriver. Add on a heavy duty deadbolt lock to reinforce door security. Statistics show that most robbers are neighbors that live nearby so you can just get friendly with the neighborhood to minimize your chances. If you are to go on vacation this would be a plus because they can be an extra set of eyes for your home. If you don’t trust the neighbors watching your home, you should definitely invest in a security system today!

Perks of security systems  

Intruders typically get scared away from the property with the presence of a security system. The percentage of your home being broken into minimizes when you continue to invest in more add-ons such as a computerized key lock. These locks can be automatically activated just from a press of a button on a smartphone miles away from your home. So if you are quickly running out you don’t have to fear your door being left unlocked. Adding surveillance cameras can help you catch a perpetrator and hopefully get your belongings back if an intrusion were to occur. Overall adding a lock security system to your home give an added layer of protection to your family and your home giving you the ultimate sense of security.