How to Perform a Security Audit For Your Home?

Your home’s security should be a priority no matter how busy life gets and how comfortable you may feel in your home. The truth is that criminals rarely go on vacation and if your home is vulnerable to a break-in, chances are you could be next to be burglarized. A home security audit will allow you to assess your home and identify ways that you can improve its physical security. After all, it’s up to you to protect your investment, your home itself, and your belongings as well. Prevention is better than cure and knowing how to perform a security audit for your home can help you to protect what’s important to you.

Schedule Time For an Audit

Make sure to set aside 30 or 45 minutes to perform your audit to assess your home’s security habits, as well as the exterior and elements such as doors, garage, and the windows of your home. Have a notepad, pencil, or pen, and tape measure ready to go so that you can record home improvement that will be required.

Assess Home Security Habits

How can your behavior be a factor as it relates to your home’s security? Evaluate your and your family’s behavior to see how well you fare. Do you lock up all the time? Do you make your home look occupied when it’s empty? See where you have weaknesses in your daily routines and take corrective measures to improve your home’s security.

Evaluate Your Lock Needs

When it comes to locks, of key importance are your exterior door deadbolts, which are crucial in keeping burglars out. Assess the locks and make sure they are in good working order and provide the level of security needed. Upgrade your locks, if you need something more durable or find that locks with smart features are best.

Take Stock of Your Keys

Do you know where to find all your house keys? Who has a spare? Whether you’ve lived in your home for a long while, or not, the audit gives you a chance to take an inventory of your keys. If you can’t account for each key, it’s time to replace your locks. You don’t want anyone who should have your spare key is the one opening your door.

Check if Your Home’s Security System Needs Updating

Maybe you have a security system for your home, and if so, ensure that its settings are up-to-date and fit your needs. Only the appropriate people should be given your codes. If your security system use batteries, ensure that they have enough power, or better yet, that they are fresh. It’s also a good idea to change your passcodes, and perhaps sync your security system with your smartphone or other appropriate smart home devices for enhanced home security.

Assess Access Points

Common entry points to your home for intruders are doors and windows, which you must ensure can provide the protection that you need from burglary. Check to see if the material of your doors is in solid condition and if your windows show cracks, or damaged latches and frames. Assess whether or not you may need to realign and tighten your door hinges.

Know if Plants Create Cover

Plants can help to beautify your home, but the last thing that you want them to do is to hide intruders. Especially check the trees or shrubs that are close to your windows or doors, surround your gates. Make a note of what needs to be trimmed, cut, or debushed to remove hiding spots.

Inspect Your Garage

Whether you have a detached or an attached garage security measures are necessary to protect your home. Locks for side entrances should be working properly, and if your garage has a service door, it should be checked to see if reinforcement is necessary. Are your deadbolts in good condition and working like they’re intended? It may also be time to update your access code, especially if you no longer want to extend access to individuals.

Contact Artery Lock Today for a Security Audit

A home security audit is essential for your safety and should be done each year. Knowing your home’s weak point allows you the opportunity to beef up your home’s security.  The improvements that you’ll make, may mean the difference between you keeping intruders out and having your home burglarized. Make a security audit of your home a top priority by calling us today!