IOT and Video Surveillance

IOT and Video Surveillance

Today, everything seems to be connected to the world wide web. IOT or the “Internet of Things” have naturally become a part of security as well, providing those insights on when and where people are entering and leaving areas. Tying together multiple digital systems within your business or office building creates a well-rounded security presence. You have heard of smart-phones and smart cars, now get ready for the smart building!

Video Surveillance

When implementing video surveillance, it is best to work with architecture and construction teams. Depending on your security goals, collaborating with these different teams can make a large difference regarding where cameras are placed. Buildings with unique designs can present blind spot issues and lack of visibility. Making sure there is efficient wiring and lighting within certain areas is vital to your security efforts. In addition to security, video surveillance can offer a number of other money and time-saving applications.

Connecting via the cloud

To have a truly smart building, one needs to connect video surveillance, electronic access systems, and even HVAC, Electric, and Plumbing within a platform that your security team can manage from a computer or tablet. This gives your security team visibility on everything that keeps your building operating efficiently. This helps your security staff utilize their time more effectively, increase visibility across an entire building spectrum and will also help them uncover certain trends.

In regard to HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing, video surveillance can lead to insight as to where money can be saved. Noticing lights being left on or water running is money down the drain… literally! An integrated system connecting HVAC and plumbing to a network can show building managers where they can adjust heating, cooling and water settings outside business hours.

Within retail stores, video surveillance is traditionally used as theft prevention, but it can also provide marketing teams consumer behavior. Displays and promotions that are being walked by without being noticed, could indicate a flaw in the marketing design. With a surveillance system, one could speed up the footage and collect hard data regarding how well a display performed.

Solutions by Artery Lock

Every business, or building for that matter, requires a certain level of security and video surveillance. It’s important to note each business’ or buildings security needs depend on several different factors. Industry, location, and building style all need to be considered when implementing a security solution and video surveillance solution. Our staff is trained to determine what these security needs are and can walk you through how it can be implemented in a timely matter. Call us today and learn more about how we can help install and integrate video surveillance.