Locksmith & Security in Haverhill, MA

Haverhill, MA is located in northern Massachusetts right on the New Hampshire border. Haverhill is a bonified city, boasting a population of over 60,000 people. Only 35 miles from Boston, MA, Artery Lock provides its services to residents and businesses in Haverhill, Ma. If you live in Haverhill or own a business in the area, continue reading to learn more about our services!

Professional Locksmith Services in Haverhill, MA

While Artery Lock’s capabilities have expanded with the security industry, we still offer our customers our more traditional locksmith services. From simple lockouts to re-keying locks, we can assist in helping with your traditional security and lock needs. Upon offering our locksmith services, we notice a major security flaw or vulnerability; we may recommend upgrades to help keep your home or business safe. If you need a security audit in addition to locksmith services, give us a call today.

Video Surveillance Installation in Haverhill, MA

If your business or home could benefit from the installation of video surveillance, contact Artery Lock today. Since video surveillance became a mainstay in the security industry and affordable for home and business owners, Artery Lock has been installing and repairing these systems. Our partnership with multiple video surveillance equipment providers allows us to supply the best video surveillance system that meets the needs of our clients.

Electronic Access Control System in Haverhill, MA

Electronic Access control systems allow business and apartment buildings to manage those entering buildings and areas within a building better. These systems not only provide insight regarding who enters and where, but access control can also improve user functionality and end up saving you money. The application of access control systems is especially helpful in high-security buildings, including government buildings and medical laboratory facilities. If your business could benefit from Access Control, give Artery Lock a call today! Not only will we outfit your business or building with the access control system that best fits your needs, but we can also teach you how to use, set up, and manage the program.

Haverhill, MA | Trusting Artery Lock with Residential and Commercial Security Needs

Whether your home, business or government facility needs an expert security consultant, give the experts at Artery Lock a call. If you have questions regarding our services, capabilities, or pricing, we are happy to discuss via phone or in an in-person meeting. Call us at 781-395-5243 or email us directly at service@arterylock.com.