Locksmith & Security Professional in Lexington, MA

Lexington, Massachusetts, is located outside of Boston proper and considered part of Boston’s suburb community. With deep ties back to America’s revolutionary war, the town of Lexington has many relics and monuments commemorating its involvement in the shaping of America. Residents and businesses alike are proud to a part of Lexington and rely on Artery Lock to keep their families and assets safe. Continue reading about the service we offer those living or working in Lexington, MA.

Professional Locksmith Service in Lexington, MA

With Artery Lock being located in Medford, MA, just 8 miles from Lexington’s center of town, we are proud to offer traditional locksmith services to those in Lexington. Our locksmiths are versed in older lock technology to more modern security features that require a digital connection. If your home or business needs a locksmith to re-open or re-key a lock, give us a call! Our locksmiths are also versed in providing full security audits if your business or home requires one.

Video Security & Surveillance Installation Services in Lexington, MA

Video security is becoming mainstream for not only businesses but Lexington homeowners as well. Our trained security professionals are experts in analyzing, installing, and upgrading video security systems for residences and businesses. The Artery Lock security team will be able to recommend the video surveillance solution that will fit your needs regardless of if the system will be used in a commercial or residential setting.

Electronic Access Control in Lexington, MA

We have seen an increase in demand for electronic access control in both commercial and residential environments. Electronic access allows security admins or homeowners to access their home without traditional keys but with keypad codes or key fob that can be easily updated remotely. From granting additional permissions to revoking them, no longer will you have an unaccounted-for key in the hands of someone you don’t want to have it.

Top Locksmith & Security Expert for Lexington, MA Homes, and Business: Artery Lock

Questions regarding the services offered by Artery Lock Inc. for Lexington, MA businesses and homeowners? Give us a call today to connect with our industry-leading security team. From quotes regarding specific services to recommended products, we are happy to assist with all things security!