Locksmith & Security Services in Lowell, MA

Lowell, MA is a city in Massachusetts located in the Merrimack Valley just a few miles from the New Hampshire border. Formerly a Mill city as it is situated on the Merrimack River, Lowell has seen a recent revitalization with new residents and businesses alike. As for any city, large or small, there is a need for exceptional security practices for residents and those who operate businesses in the area. Artery Lock is proud to offer both or traditional Locksmith services in addition to our state-of-the-art access control and video surveillance installation products to those in Lowell. Continue reading to learn more about our footprint in Lowell, MA.

Professional Locksmith in Lowell, MA

When you need a locksmith Lowell, MA trusts, call Artery Lock for routine or emergency services. From rekeying to upgrading the locks to something more current and sturdier, we have the traditional locksmith services you need. We are located in Medford on I-93, ready to respond in case of an urgent call.

Video Surveillance Services in Lowell, MA

A measure many homeowners and almost all business owners are taking to increase security is installing video surveillance. Video Surveillance helps deter most criminals from committing a blatant criminal act. In addition to deterring most criminals, if a crime does occur, the police can use video evidence to track down this criminal. Furthermore, installing a video surveillance system can help reduce insurance costs as it is a preventative security measure. The video captured can also be used for insurance reasons if there is damage or flooding occurs within the building.

Electronic Access Control in Lowell, MA

Businesses and Apartment complexes utilize this feature as an entry management solution for employees and tenants. Electronic Access Control provides employees/tenants key fabs, key card, or a key code that allows users access to specific locations within a building. For high-security environments like a Laboratory or government building, employees are granted specific access to areas which they have clearance to be in. For tenants in apartment buildings, providing an entry code to enter the lobby with specific key fabs or even traditional keys to get into rooms has been an option many apartment buildings are adopting.

Artery Lock: Providing Lowell, MA Dependable Locksmith, and Security Services

Regardless if you are a home or business owner and you need exceptional locksmith and security services, you need to have Artery Lock saved on your phone. From emergency calls to the installation of a fully integrated security/ video system, Artery Lock is the company you need to call.