Locksmith & Security Services in North Reading, MA

Artery Lock is proud to offer its services to those located in North Reading, MA. Artery Lock is based in Medford, MA, so any service call to North Reading is a quick drive away for our technicians that are located throughout the area. Artery Lock offers both residential and commercial locksmith services to those in north Reading. Continue reading to learn more about the traditional and modern locksmith Artery Lock provides.

Professional Locksmith Services in North Reading, MA

From simple lockouts to complete re-keying of your office or new home, Artery Lock has you, your family, and employees covered. We have unmatched experience in the area. Our locksmiths are trained in both traditional lock and key services and more modern lock systems that can be integrated with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you need a door unlocked or a locksmith security audit, contact us today!

Video Security & Surveillance Installation Services in North Reading, MA

Businesses and homeowners alike are opting to install video surveillance to keep their property, and those close to them, safe. If you are considering installing or upgrading your current video surveillance system, Artery Lock’s security technicians can be trusted to get the job done right. We account for any potential blind spots that other security companies may overlook. How do we do this? By hiring the best security professionals on the market. In addition to expert installation, our team will be able to walk you through how to operate and manage the security system from your PC, phone, or tablet.

Electronic Access Control in North Reading, MA

Electronic Access Control is primarily used in commercial settings, but it has also made its way into luxury apartment complexes. The technology provides building managers the ability to grant an almost unlimited number of users, different permissions regarding access to certain areas in a building. In the case of apartment buildings, access to the lobby, and one’s specific room.

In commercial settings, this technology can provide users access to their own specific office space. In high-security environments like medical labs or government buildings, you can designate areas of buildings off-limits to those who do not have proper access. In addition to effectively managing which locations users can enter, the technology also keeps a log of when a user enters an area. This information could be used while conducting investigations if misconduct had occurred. Electronic access allows admins to grant or remove permissions remotely, ensuring that if a user isn’t supposed to be in the area, they will not be able to enter with their credentials of key fab.

Artery Lock: The North Reading Area’s Leading Locksmith & Security Expert

If you live or work in North Reading and need a true security expert to provide a service or audit of your current security solution, contact Artery Lock today! We are happy to review our services in full detail over the phone and even provide estimates for your required services. We look forward to connecting.