Lynnfield, MA Security Services

Lynnfield is a Massachusetts town located just north of Wakefield, Ma. Mainly residential, Lynnfield is only 17 miles from Massachusetts capital city of Boston. Due to how close the town is to the city of Boston, this makes an ideal place for those working in the city who don’t want all the hustle and bustle. Additionally, Lynnfield is less than 10 miles from the coastal city of Salem, MA providing Lynnfield residents access to north shore beaches! Businesses and residents in Lynnfield trust the expert security advice and services of Artery Lock!

Locksmith Services in Lynnfield, MA

Lynnfield resident and business trust the Locksmith services offered by Artery Lock Inc. If you have locked your self out of your home or if you need a traditional lock replaced, we have you covered. In addition to being able to provide expert replacement services, we can inform you on new security technology you may want to upgrade too. Never a sales pitch but just informing our clients what’s available in the market!

Video Surveillance Services in Lynnfield, Ma

Business and homes are relying on video surveillance more now than ever. Have you considered installing or upgrading your video surveillance solution? If so, give the experts at Artery Lock a call today. Our technicians can assess the building we are securing and ensure there will be no blind spots leaving you vulnerable. In addition to expert technicians, we utilize and recommend the best products in the industry.

Electronic Access Control in Lynnfield, MA

Electronic access is how businesses are securing their property today. No more days of losing keys and needing to replace locks! With these systems, badges and keycards act in place of traditional keys. Badges and Cards can have their permissions updated, revoked, or granted via the platforms admin pages. If you need to secure your business while gaining insight into who is entering which areas and when electronic access is the solution you need.

Artery Lock: Lynnfield, MA’s Security Expert

If you need your home or business security upgraded today, give the experts at Artery Lock a call. Located just down 93 in Medford, MA, we are a short drive away! We are happy to provide estimates and discuss the latest in security technologies with our prospective clients. Fill out an online contact form or call 781.395.5243.