Melrose, Massachusets

Melrose, Massachusets

A view of Boston from Melrose!

Melrose is a suburb of Boston located just 7 miles north of the city. Melrose also borders the town of our office in Medford, separated by Interstate 93 that runs underneath the city of Boston. Melrose offers those who want access to the city within a community-centric and driven town. Melrose is comprised of mostly residential neighborhoods and also a bustling downtown area featuring restaurants and shops for residents and those visiting. We have been happily serving the community of Melrose since we opened our doors years ago!

Locksmith Services in Melrose, MA

Our technicians are always equipped to handle any locksmith job that you may run into. If your Melrose home or business is in need of a certified, professional locksmith service, give Artery Lock a call today! While our business has expanded into the digital side of security, we still provide top quality locksmith services. Additionally, if you are looking to upgrade your lock or security situation, give us a call! Our staff is happy to talk through the advantages of the products we offer to our customers.

Video Surveillance Services in Melrose, MA

As mentioned above, we have expanded our capabilities since we opened our doors and now provide Video Surveillance installation and monitoring. Video surveillance is beneficial to have in both a residential or commercial setting. Aside from protecting valuable assets, video surveillance can be beneficial within a variety of insurance claims and if used in retail, can even provide insight into customer trends.

Electronic Access Control Installation & Service in Melrose, MA

We also have the capabilities to install electronic access to any business or building. Mainly seen in the commercial space, electronic access allows you to manage permissions of key fobs and also increase an admins visibility regarding who and when people are entering rooms/ areas. An advantage of electronic access is, unlike traditional keys, if a fob is lost, there is no need to replace the lock. Simply go into the management tool and revoke that fob’s permissions. We see a lot of hospitals, schools, and even some apartment buildings using this system! If your a building manager of a Melrose-based business and considering Electronic Access, give us a call today!

 Artery Lock – Your Melrose, MA Locksmith & Security Expert

With technicians constantly on the road and with our office just down the road, if you need any service we offer, give our friendly staff a call today!