Never Get Lock Out Again Keyless Entry

Getting locked out of your home or business is never an enjoyable experience. From the initial panic to the feeling of helplessness once you accept the situation you are in, being locked out means you are stuck. With the only options being breaking a window/door or waiting for a key holder to come by, security experts have come up with a solution. Keyless entry ensures you will never lose your ‘key’ again. Learn more about how Keyless Entry can keep eliminating lockouts and the other perks of keyless entry.

Never locked out again

Keyless Entry allows those in charge of buildings the ability to provide users a passcode that can be used to open to a door. This is done through an electronic system that unlocks when the correct passcode is entered. With this technology, one cannot be locked out unless they have forgotten the passcode. Even in this scenario, one could give the admin a phone call and the door would be able to be accessed.

Keyless Entry Additional Perks

With the technology of Keyless Entry growing alongside the concept of the Internet of Things, it is no surprise these systems can now be accessed via a secure internet connection. The advantages of being able to access these systems via tablet, smartphone, or PC provides admins several opportunities to manage permissions. If the scenario above occurs and you don’t want to say or text the information over the phone, one can open the door from the keyless entry systems online tool/ application. If you feel a breach in the password has occurred, one can simply log in and switch the passcode.

Another feature could be installing protected times. This would include providing passcodes that allow access to a said door only during specific times. From there you can either keep that door on permeant lockdown with the admin being the only one with access or you can create an additional code that works between the ‘off’ hours. If the same systems are installed across a property, admins have an unlimited amount of possibilities in terms of access.

Employee Insights

Another great feature to Keyless Entry is the ability to review who has entered which area and when. This feature is something we see in high-security institutions or areas that have a risk for theft. Keyless entry allows you the possibility to assign specific codes to individuals and manage permissions to which areas they have access to. From there, you will see areas each employee has entered, when they entered, and what time they left. If they tried using their code on a door they didn’t have permission, admins will be able to see that as well! This information can help reduce time wasted, property theft, and increase employee productivity.

Artery Lock has your Keyless Entry Solution

Artery Lock has been installing Keyless Entry systems for homes and business since they have been introduced to the market. If you have questions regarding the capabilities of Keyless Entry or brands we recommend, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team of security experts will work with you to provide the security solution that best meets your needs!