New Business Location Security First Steps

It’s either the best part of a business or the most stressful: preparing a new location for your company. It’s wonderful, because you might be repositioning yourself in a new light, or better yet, upgrading due to an increase in revenue. No matter the reason for the move or opening, a new business location takes time and energy to set up for use. Other than getting computers, furniture, and any other necessary resources to the location, you need to keep things secure. Security is more than just a lock and key at the front door. Security for modern businesses means considering all the possible ways you can protect your new work environment.

Considering New Business Location Security – Where to Start?

Your new business location is likely in need of some help to get things started for functionality. So, where do you start?

Assessing Who Has Access to your Building

The first thing to consider is who is going to be regularly entering your business. It’s not just employees, but they should be considered first. Depending on who works where not everyone might need entrance keys. Managers and morning and closing staff tend to be those that have the ability to unlock and lock up for the day. That being said, it’s not just employees you should consider. Postal workers, maintenance, and janitorial staff might need to get in without a key, so the main door might not want a keycard system, but maybe offices should. It’s up to you, depending on who has access to your building.

Office Layout and Locations

Something that many don’t consider is where offices are going to be located in a new business location. Which areas are for customers or clients, and which might need a bit more security? This should be planned out before you start looking into security measures. That way, once you have it sorted, you can plan for a security plan and hardware.

What Needs Extra Security?

Doors with locks on them are okay for some rooms, but others need a bit more. For that, many options to have an access control system. These provide keycards or key fobs for entrance to various parts of the office, such as server rooms and offices. It’s a fairly easy system to use, but choosing it can be tough, as well as installing it. For that reason, turn to the experts at Artery Lock who specialize in a variety of security products. We can assist you in planning to secure your new business location just call today for an estimate!