Our Brick and Mortar Location

Many of those who utilize our services don’t realize we have a physical location in Medford, MA. This isn’t just an office space but also a place where we showcase our products. We also sell traditional locksmith services there that can be done off sight. We wanted to write a quick blog on our physical location and some of the reasons you may want to stop in!

Traditional Locksmith Services

As mentioned above, we offer some traditional locksmith services out of our Medford location. A service that we see often is the duplication of keys. Being situated in an area known for students who are living in shared apartments, the occasionally lost key is something we see often. In addition to duplicating keys, we have customers come in for many reasons. We work on key fobs, key tags, keys for cabinets, and the creation of skeleton keys. Our physical location can also restore and work on car and motorcycle keys including push to start fabs.

In addition to creating keys or working on locks, we can also take on jobs including putting together your ID badge holders, rings, lanyards, and clips for you to present employees a polished product for the first day in a new office or upgraded security environment.

Security Services

We have a number of security offerings that we can perform in our Medford location. Our trained technicians can perform repair work on personal surveillance devices such as nanny cams, webcams, and Wireless CCTV products. In addition to surveillance, we also have an inventory of safes on display for sale. These safes vary between traditional, electronic, and biometric.

Educational Services

Our on-site staff can explain, in detail, all the locksmith and security services we offer our clients. If you have recently installed an Access Control System with the help of Artery Lock, we can go provide tutorials on how to use the software that your system utilizes.

Artery Lock: Down the road or a just phone call away

If you need professional locksmith and security services, give the pros at Artery Lock a call or swing by our Medford location. Being based out of Medford allows us quick access to the city of Boston in addition to its surrounding areas. If you have questions regarding our services or capabilities, give us a call today and we will be happy to have a conversation.