Parking Lot Security

If you manage a building or a parking area, you know better than anyone else the security challenges that come with it. Did you know 1 in 10 property crimes happen in a parking lot or garage? Here at Artery Lock, we have experience in securing parking lot and structures. We wanted to write a blog highlighting some of the types of work we have completed in this space!

Car Break-in Statistics

Thieves break into cars for several different reasons. Thieves are generally going for items left in the car such as laptops, iPods, GPS’, or anything they deem as valuable. Some even elect to steal the change as after a few cars, it can begin to add up. True Grand Theft Auto is usually less common due to the difficulty of re-selling or even chopping the car for parts. One of the top car-related crimes is joy-riding. Joy-riding is an individual stealing a car just for the sake of being able to drive it around. Typically done to more expensive cars, the thief then leaves it in a random place before the car is reported stolen. This can lead to damage to the car in addition to the fact the may steal valuables inside after dropping the car.

How Artery Lock Can Help

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition is not only becoming more reliable but also cost-efficient. This technology is something we have installed and recommend to our parking facility clients. Not only will this deter criminals from completing larger heists by entering with their own vehicle, but this can also speed up service during busy times during the day. When connected with a parking management platform, this can be used to quickly allow monthly members quickly enter.

Rooftop Surveillance

Structures that have parking on top of their building or parking complex need quality rooftop surveillance. Rooftops tend to only have one or two entrances making it easy for criminals to monitor the access way in case someone reaches that level. We have installed Rooftop Surveillance (such as this one here) for multiple clients who have seen a decrease in loiterers and break-ins.

Artery Lock has Solutions for you!

After reading this article, do you feel your parking security could be increased? Give Artery Lock a call today! Our staff of trained security experts will work with you to understand your properties true security concerns and address them accordingly. Our number is 781.395.5243  or feel free to fill out a convenient contact form!