Protecting Public Areas with Surveillance Cameras

Within the security industry, allocating money towards the security of private property and residences is a straightforward process. As a business owner, your responsibility it to protect your building and assets. As a municipality or building manager, making sure public areas are safe and monitored can be another issue. We wanted to highlight some of the work we have down for towns, cities, and building managers who need to monitor larger, more public areas.


Independently ran playgrounds through home associations or neighborhoods have elected to get camera monitoring for the protection of their children. We have also seen schools expand their security camera presence to playgrounds for better monitoring. Municipalities can also elect to install these cameras but with privacy laws, there tends to be more of a process in addition to a clearly posted sign stating those entering the playground are being filmed for safety purposes. Since additional permission would be needed for the use of this video commercially, most don’t see any issue if it is in place to deter those potentially hazardous to a community’s children.


Mainly seen in apartment and condo associations, courtyards are a place where criminals or other suspicious people may let their guard down if evading by foot or even just snooping around the area. We have implemented cameras for courtyards and other various outdoor areas for the protection of communities. This can also be a selling point for your housing complex boasting the fact you take security seriously. In addition to the cameras, Artery Lock can provide a number of other security features to increase your buildings ‘tenant’ appeal.


While parks are great to enjoy from sunrise to dusk, they can be dangerous during night hours if not well lit or frequented by a lot of people. Depending on where you live and the surrounding areas, parks can often be a place of refuge for the homeless.  While part of the homeless community consists of good people that have fallen on bad times, there are a number of those who can pose a threat to everyday citizens. The installation of cameras in these parks, in addition to posting signs letting people know cameras are present, will limit the number of incidents that may occur. We also install emergency kiosks that alarm the police at the press of a button.

Artery Lock and Alarms Solutions

We know the installation of security cameras won’t prevent all crimes or loitering, but there is proven data showing their presence helps. Security cameras also play a major role in identifying those who have committed crimes. Give Artery Lock a call today to learn about the Security Camera companies we partner with and the proven products they make. Our technicians are trained in installing these security systems to ensure total visibility regarding an open area.