Quick Ways to Improve the Security in Your Home

Every homeowner considers the safety of their home from time to time. Whether you hear of a coworker’s house getting broken into, or there are a string of robberies in your city, you may want to make sure your home is as secure as possible. These are some quick ways you can improve the security in your home.

Family Meeting 

Meet with everyone in your house to make sure they are on the same page. Make sure everyone is using door and window locks. Assign someone the responsibility of locking every door and window when leaving, after entering, and before bedtime. Also make sure your children know not to open the door to uninvited or unwelcome visitors. Make sure you keep your garage door closed and locked. 

Add Signage 

Security systems and dogs are deterrents for burglars. Even if you do not have a security system or a dog, add some security signs to your windows, and beware of dog signs to your front and back gates. You can find these types of signs and decals online, or relatives may have extras from installing their own security systems. Of course, you can also spring for adding a video surveillance system with the help of Artery Lock. 

Remove Hidden House Key 

While it has certainly come in handy a time or two, everyone knows that everyone has a hidden house key. This means that burglars know this too and can take the time to scout yours out. If you feel you must have access to a key outside of your home, put it in a combination lockbox that only your family knows the code to. You can also consider giving a copy to a trusted neighbor for emergencies. 

Lock up the ladder 

A burglar could gain access to your home from a second-story balcony or window. If you secure your ladder, you help prevent this scenario from happening, even if you accidentally forget to lock one of these windows or doors because of the perceived safety of the second floor. 

Artery Lock: Massachusetts Security Experts

If you take these steps, your home will already be more secure. However, if you want to provide state-of-the-art security for your home and family, contact Artery Lock. We can assess your home and provide an upgraded security system specifically for your needs. From lockouts to access control systems, Artery Lock has you covered. Call today to learn more.