Residential Home Surveillance Best Practices

Your home holds everything that matters most. The people in your life that live with you are more important than anything, but personal items and memories are also important to keep safe. To ensure nothing is at risk of burglary or other forms of residential crime, it’s best to revisit your home surveillance now before summer comes and crime begins to rise. Here are a few great ways to make sure your residential home surveillance is up to top-notch condition.

Best Practices for Home Safety

There are a few ways to maximize your home’s security system and they all require just a little time. That bit of work now might come in handy in case something happens in the future, so don’t wait until it is too late.

Placement of Security Keypad

Proper placement of the security keypad is essential to making sure your home and family are prepared for an emergency. More often than not, two keypads are placed in the home. It’s best to have one near the front door or garage door, depending on whichever one is used most when exiting and entering the home. Likewise, the other keypad should be deeper in the house to make sure you have access to it in case someone tries to enter through the main entrance.

Program a Duress Code

It’s probable that you have a code to disable the alarm system in your home’s security connection. Do you have a duress code in case you need to get in touch with authorities? Likely, it is something you don’t have at this point. Never fear: it’s easy to program one that connects your address to police and local law enforcement right away in case of an emergency. Consult your owner’s manual or call us to take a look at how to get your system set up with a security code.

Check all Locks for Working Condition

Nothing makes a crime more probable than broken or damaged locks. If things haven’t been looked at in a while, it might be time to call professionals who can check to see if anything needs updating or replacement. Sometimes, the locks that are used least often are the ones that can rust or break down, so make sure to check those and call a professional team like ours to make sure proper locks and home safety are installed. A call now could be what saves your family from an intruder later, so take time to get caught up on safety needs now.

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