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Revere, MA is a Northshore staple in the state of Massachusetts. The city of Revere, located in Suffolk County, is only 5 miles from the states capital city of Boston and is home to the oldest public beach, Revere Beach, in the United States. The beach underwent major restorations in the 1990s and now boasts high-end housing, restaurants, and a beach suitable for recreational swimming. The addition of a casino just a town away in Everett is making the Revere area sought after by many business owners and people looking to move to the Boston area. Learn more about our locksmith and security services we offer to Revere residents and business owners!

Locksmith Services in Revere, MA

With Revere’s seasonal influx in population due to the beach, its proximity to the Greater Boston Area, and a new casino, residents and business owners in Revere need a trusted locksmith provider. We offer traditional locksmith services in addition to providing Code Compliant Door Hardware and Electronic Access Control for businesses. Our Revere, MA locksmiths will work with you during the installation and teach you using the access control platform. To learn more about our locksmith services, click here!

Video Surveillance in Revere, MA

Businesses and homeowners rely on Video Surveillance to maintain peace of mind. Since Video Surveillance became commonplace in the business world, we have been offering video surveillance installations to our Revere customers. If you have questions regarding our Video Surveillance capabilities, products, or preferred brands we recommend to our clients.

Electronic Access Control in Revere, MA

Electronic Access Control is utilized mainly by commercial clients of Artery Lock. Electronic Access Control allows owners or admins more visibility into employee’s whereabouts in addition to the ability to manage permissions to areas virtually. Electronic access can also minimize downtime if access cards are lost as new ones can be created much quicker than traditional keys. Learn more about our Electronic Access Control here!

Artery Lock: Revere’s Premier Security & Locksmith Expert

If you have questions regarding any of our services or capabilities, give us a call today! Our number is 781-395-5243 or leave us an inquiry on our Contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing being Revere’s first choice for locksmith and security services.