Role-Based Electronic Access Control in Massachusetts

When considering adding electronic access control, Role-Based systems generally offer the most amount of control. Role-based systems operate exactly as they sound. Give a person a fab or access card and that card is associated with their name. Within the management system, you will be able to assign that person access to each specific room or sections of a building as you desire. An admin will have the ability to revoke access to specific access points at any time and for any duration of time. Additionally, the admin will be able to grant user permissions back just through the online portal or dashboard.

Industries using Role-Based Access Control Security

These tend to be the best option for areas that need a high level of security. Industries and places we tend to see Role-Based Access used are in Government buildings, Bio-pharma, Hospitals and the Department of Defense to name a few. These areas tend to have multiple levels of people requiring all types of different access.

Access Control for Construction Projects

Don’t let construction compromise your facility’s security! Role-Based Access is also a great option for when your building or facility is undergoing construction or renovations. It is no secret that when construction occurs, there are a number of those you hired, in addition to sub-contractors and even vendors dropping off material. Any increase in personal on the premises will provide an opportunity to have a person with ill-intentions to be a part of those new to the environment. When first providing access cards, be sure to get valid ID’ s to cross-reference and put individuals through proper screening. At the end of the job, be sure to make it mandatory that all pass in their access cards. While the advantage of Role-Based Access Control Security is that you can turn them off at the end, making individuals pass them in will ensure no one will try and tamper with the card or claim it’s not working later to try and con their way through different security personnel.

Artery Lock Can Help with your Electronic Access Control needs!

If you are considering installing Electronic Access Control for your business, facility, or construction site, give Artery Lock a call today! We will seek to understand all your security needs and provide the best option for your unique security situation. Take a look at our gallery highlighting some of the Remote Access systems we have installed in addition to much more.  Give us a call today or leave an inquiry on our contact us page to learn more! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you and your business stay secure!