25 safest MA cities report from SafeHome.com

Safehome.org is an industry resource that provides statistics and rankings for how safe a town or city is. Just a few weeks ago, the top 25 safest towns/cities in Massachusetts was published and released to the public. Some of these rankings make perfect sense while some came as a surprise to some. We wanted to write a blog regarding the report as many of these towns fall within our services area. And while these are considered “safe” this doesn’t mean you need to begin ramping down your security needs!

The Rankings and our reaction

The report ranked 9 of the cities and towns within the top 25 percentile in the country in terms of safety. These municipalities including Newton, Plymouth, Peabody, Waltham, Medford, Taunton, Brookline, Weymouth, and Methuen. While great news for these towns, taking a more in-depth look at the trends says more about the safety of the area. Brookline, Weymouth, and Methuen had their property crime rate increase over the last year. How these rankings are made is a combination of property and violent crimes. Even the safest town, Newton, MA, only had a 2% decrease in property crime. In the past year, Newton had experience 738 property crimes!

What to know if you live in these areas

Criminals aren’t all dummies. It is not uncommon for those looking to break and enter to go into nicer or “safer” areas to commit their crimes. It only makes sense due to it being more expansive to live in these areas. Due to this,  homes and business are more likely yo have nicer things that these criminals can sell on the black market. Living in these safer areas will reduce your likelihood to be a victim of violent crimes but it may increase your chances of being a victim of a property crime

Artery Lock- Securing Property for homes & business

If you work or live in one of these towns, it is important to have a security solution in place. Give the experts at Artery Lock a call today for a security consultation that will deter criminals from attempting to commit any crimes on your property. Our Security experts will evaluate your building and account for any and all vulnerabilities. We look forward to hearing from you and help to keep your possessions and home safe!


Take a look at the SafeHome report here!