Salem, New Hampshire Locksmith & Security Services

Salem, New Hampshire, is on Massachusetts northern border and situated on I-93, which is a direct route to Boston from New Hampshire. Due to its accessibility from the Boston Area, Artery lock is proud to offer its wide variety of locksmith and security services to businesses and homeowners in Salem, NH. Continue reading to learn more about these services and how we can help improve your security!

Locksmith Services in Salem, NH

Artery Lock specializes in both residential and commercial locksmith solutions for its customers. Locks have changed a lot over the years, and Artery Lock has adapted to these changes. From swapping out traditional locks or re-keying these locks to installing more modern, technologically enable devices, Arty Lock is the local company you will want to work with.

Video Security Surveillance Installer in Salem, NH

Have you been looking to install a video security system for your house or your business? Artery Lock is well-versed in installing video surveillance systems for both our commercial and residential clients. Our installers consider all your building’s security vulnerabilities as they install and test the cameras we install. From eliminating blind spots to reviewing how to access and monitor the system, the Artery Lock security professional will leave you with zero questions on your new system.

Electronic Access Control System Installation in Salem, NH

Electronic Access Control provides businesses and homeowners the ability to provide specific individuals access on a key-code or electronic fab basis. There are many advantages to this type of security system, including adding or removing user permissions instantly via the systems admin panel. Large businesses opt to utilize these types of systems to monitor areas employees’ access in addition to the ability to remove permissions in the scenario an employee is fired or quits. Alternatively, in high-security environments, admins can grant employees additional permissions on a per occasion basis.

Artery Lock | Salem, NH Security & Locksmith Professional

If you live or work in Salem, NH, and want a security professional you can depend on, contact Artery Lock today! We are happy to review our capabilities, services, and even pricing over the phone. To get in touch, give us a call directly at 781-395-5243 or email us at Alternatively, please fill out a contact form on our contact us page!