Security & Locksmith Services in Saugus, Ma

Saugus is located roughly 10 miles north of Massachusetts capital city, Boston. On the other side of Malden from Medford, the city of Saugus is a perfect location for Artery Lock to offers it’s full suite of locksmith and security services. Saugus has been steadily growing in population in addition to the number of businesses in which call Saugus home. If your Saugus home or business requires a security audit, continue reading to review the services Artery Lock offers!

Locksmith Services in Saugus MA

Artery Lock provides its locksmith services to both Saugus businesses and residents. From simple lockouts to full security audits. Ensuring the locks and systems you have in place keep intruders out bring peace of mind to home and business owners. Protect the things you have worked so hard to obtain and upgrade your security today with Artery Lock.

Video Surveillance in Saugus, MA

Video surveillance can be used in both Residential and Commercial settings. If you have experience break-ins or security breaches in the past, it is possible we have investigated video surveillance. Our trained team of security professional experts can identify weaknesses and blind spots other security companies may miss. In addition to top-tier installation, our experts will sit with you and explain how to effectively monitor and utilize the platform in which the system is connected. Modern systems today can be accessed via an internet connection and utilizing a user login or even a mobile app. TO learn more about the video surveillance systems we install, contact us today

Electronic Access Control Saugus, MA

Electronic access control allows business owners with more insight pertaining to employees coming and going. Electronic access is an alternative to a traditional key and lock system where users are provided a Key Fab or HID card, allowing them to access certain areas/ doorways based on user permissions. In addition to having the ability to choose user permissions, these systems track, and log who has entered and exited through specific doorways. Want to learn more about Electronic access and its advantages over traditional key and lock? Call us today to have a conversation around your business and its security needs!

Saugus Residents rely on Artery Lock Inc.

If your home or business needs a security upgrade, don’t wait and call the professionals with Artery Lock today! Trusted by the Boston area for more than 40 years, we have all your security needs covered. For more information, our phone number is 781.395.5243 or fill out a convenient online contact form.