Security Issues Many Businesses Face

Security should be one of a business owner’s top priorities to ensure that your business is safe and successful. However, many times business owners overlook or forget to update their business throughout years of operation. Here are some of the most overlooked security features for businesses throughout the country.

Outdated Surveillance Cameras

One of the biggest security features a business should always have is a surveillance system. Security cameras have so many safety benefits that you can learn more about here. However, many companies either do not have security cameras or are old and outdated. Business owners with outdated cameras feel as though they are good enough. However, these old systems have fuzzy images that won’t help in the unfortunate case of a burglary. Old surveillance cameras also require a lot of frequent maintenance to ensure that they are working correctly at all times. 

It is critical that businesses invest in a modern and updated surveillance system to protect their employees and business security. Artery Lock offers many different types of high-quality security cameras. Our experienced team also has expertise in installing surveillance cameras properly to make sure that every nook and cranny is visible on the footage.

Not Having Electronic Access Control System

Electronic access control systems are becoming more and more prevalent for businesses across the country, and for a good reason. Access control systems provide an extra level of security that traditional lock and keys hardware don’t have. With traditional door hardware, there is always the risk of someone losing or misplacing a key that jeopardizes your business’s safety and security. When this happens, you will be burdened with having to change your locks and keys, which can be expensive and time-consuming. With electronic access control, you don’t have to worry about where your key is at all times and can minimize the risk of locks being picked. Learn more about access control and why your business should have it today!

Not Following ID Rules

Another mistake that many businesses many make is making exceptions to your security rules. For example, if your company has IDs, they should be checked by a security guard every time they enter the building. However, many times guards will let people in if they say they forgot their ID or if they recognize the individual. It is also important for businesses to make sure that the security guards are trained well and know how to check IDs properly. All and all, security should not be something that can be overlooked for businesses. 

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