Security & Locksmith Experts in Lynn, MA

Lynn is a city on the north shore of Massachusetts a little more than 10 miles from the capital city of Boston. Nestled between Saugus to its west and Swampscott and Peabody to its east, Lynn enjoys a southeastern coastline. Extending off of Lynn, MA is the peninsula and town of Nahant. Lynn’s population is nearing the 100,000 mark and with a healthy mix of residents renting, owning homes or businesses, exceptional security is a must. With Artery Lock’s office only being a few miles from the city of Lynn, we offer our full suite of security services to business and residents alike.

Locksmith Services in Lynn, MA

As mentioned above, Lynn has a healthy mix of renters, homeowners, and businesses residing in Lynn, MA. From lockouts to rekeying services, Artery Lock has you covered.  If you need to have a security professional evaluate your security needs, Artery lock can also review your current security situation. If you are ever in need of traditional locksmith services, call Artery Lock of Medford today!

Video Surveillance in Lynn, MA

Video surveillance continues to be a preferred security feature in both the residential and commercial spaces. Businesses utilize video surveillance to monitor and prevent shoplifting, consumer traffic patterns, monitor employee activity, and utilizing video surveillance for liability. Nothing is better at providing an actual account of an event than video surveillance. In the homeowner and renters’ case, video surveillance provides peace of mind. If your home or business needs video surveillance or update in video surveillance systems, connect with artery lock today.

Electronic Access control in Lynn, MA

Electronic access always users to enter via keypad or by the touch of an active keycard. This allows admins/ business owners to grant users permission virtually. This cuts down costs regarding locks and keys, in addition to providing insights like never before. Now admins can see whose keycard was used when. This is a great feature within secure environments or environments prone to employee theft. You analyze and monitor almost every aspect of your business, now its time to do the same with your security system!

Lynn, MA Businesses & Residents trust, rely on and depend on Artery Lock

If your Lynn home or business needs a security update, give the professionals at Artery Lock a call today! We can provide answers to all your questions regarding our services, pricing, and capabilities. To learn more, our phone number is 781.395.5243  or you can fill out a contact form here! We look forward to hearing from you.