Security & Locksmith Services in Chelsea, MA

With Artery Lock based out of the nearby town of Medford, residents and businesses of Chelsea Massachusetts rely on our security and locksmith services. Chelsea is just past the city of Everett and connected to the city of Boston via the Tobin bridge. Chelsea’s proximity to Massachusetts capital city and Logan airport, make it a densely populated and sought-after area to set up business or place to call home. With that being the case, it also makes the area a target for those who are criminals.

Locksmith Services in Chelsea, MA

We offer our full suite of locksmith services to those located in Chelsea. Whether it’s your home or business, our trained technical staff can get the job done. We offer traditional locksmith services such as helping individuals who have been locked out, but we offer so much more. We can re-key locks, provide hardware, or even recommend more advanced lock/ security solutions you may not even realize is an option.

Video Surveillance in Chelsea, MA

As the security industry evolved and changed, so did Artery Lock. In addition to traditional locksmith services, we offer the installation of Video surveillance on both the commercial and residential level. Our technicians are trained in the technical and strategic installation of state-of-the-art video surveillance systems. In addition to the ensuring zero blind spots, our techs will help connect your devices to your network/ smart devices and demo how to use your new system.

Electronic Access Control in Chelsea MA

Electronic Access Control is designed to give business owners peace of mind and better insight regarding their business. This security feature allows owners and business managers the ability to provide employees access cards with specific permission attached. This means no more lost keys or individuals getting into areas they are not supposed to be in. Admins are also provided access to records indicating who entered which door and when. The ability to grant permissions remotely, allows business to never slow down

Artery Lock: A Local Locksmith Chelsea, MA Trusts

If you have questions for a Chelsea, MA locksmith, video surveillance or electronic access control capabilities we have, give our expert sales staff a call today. We are happy to talk through what we have to offer to both businesses and residents. We can even set up an in-person security consultation.