Security & Locksmith Services in Reading, Ma

Reading Massachusetts is a few miles further north of our offices located in Medford, Ma. With I-93 running along its western border, a technician from Artery Lock can make it to Reading in little time. Reading is a townhome to roughly 25,000 residents. In addition to its residents, Reading is home to a healthy number of businesses from corporate all the way down to mom and pop shops. Whether you need to protect an office park, your family’s home, or the business you grew from the ground up, Artery Lock has a cost-efficient solution that will keep you secure.

Locksmith Services in Reading, MA

While security has come a long way from just lock and key, traditional locksmith services are still required as lock and key can be effective! If you home or business utilizes this older, yet effective security system and you become locked out, our Reading, MA locksmiths and technicians are more than capable of helping. In addition to providing help with lockouts, if you have lost a key or think a key has been compromised, we also offer re-keying services as well.

Video Surveillance in Reading, MA

Video surveillance can do more than just identify suspected criminals after a break-in occurs. Video surveillance can also provide insights into customer trends and used to monitor employee productivity. Of course, video surveillance still does play a role in identifying intruders but now with newer systems, one can alert the police in real-time or voice to the intruder via a speaker.

Electronic Access in Reading, MA

This security feature allows business to dedicate specific areas of their building with certain permissions required to enter. Employees are provided key access cards that are individual to them and an admin can grant them users rights as it makes sense for their role within the company. We see this feature used in high-security settings or business that have experience with a building or area becoming compromised with suspicion of it being an employee. If you have questions regarding Electronic Access’ capabilities and additional features, give us a call today!

Artery Lock: Reading MA’s trusted Security Expert since the 1960’s

Those in Reading, Massachusetts have trusted Artery Lock since we opened our doors almost 60 years ago. If you have questions regarding our services or areas we serve, call us today at 781.395.5243 or leave an inquiry on our convenient online contact form.