Electronic Access Control

Specializing in Access Control Systems, Card Access Credentials and Readers, and Access Control Door Hardware.

Why Access Control?

Door Locks are primitive.  They unlock if the key fits.  They have a limited number of possible combinations.  They open any time of day or night.  In the event of a key loss, you must re-key each cylinder the key operated immediately to ensure security. They are vulnerable to Interfit (someone else's key fitting in your lock).  Unauthorized duplication of keys is a serious security threat.

Electronic Access Control systems can put you back in control. We specify several brands and types of electronic access control modules, readers and credentials- from stand-alone systems and electronic levers to multi door and multi-campus IP platform applications and devices.

Electronic Access Control

Electronic Access Control (EAC) is an absolute must in today's hostile security environment. As a business owner, you know it is essential to limit or grant access to certain employees through specific doors at certain times and have a complete audit of these events readily available when you need it. We can alert you by email, text or other means if credentials are presented at the door after hours or from a card that has been removed from the system.  If you need to, you can instantly remove one or several users from a system even through a secure remote connection. No need to re-key your entire facility, simply delete the specific user credential. We specify EAC systems for one to thousands of users for one to hundreds of doors. We are one of only a handful of Axis Communications Certified PACS integrators.  Please Contact Us to schedule a security analysis.

Card Access Credentials

Fobs, cards, clamshell, adhesive tags or printable PVC, in all bit and cypher levels- Contactless, Smart and Memory.  At Artery Lock Security Integration, we have all of the credentials to meet the security requirements specific to your facility.  We can also integrate biometric readers and devices to add an additional layer of security to your deployment.

Card Access Readers

We can specify wired and wireless readers that support many modern card formats or even match your existing credentials. We offer long range and proximity contactless readers of all types.  All of our readers are designed to meet the stringent security, weather and performance needs in the most demanding environmental locations.

Access Control Door Hardware

From electric strikes to electrified panic devices to electrified mortise locks and trim, we have the correct hardware for the job.  We offer unique products from top name manufacturers.