KeyInCode Smart Lock Technology

Artery Lock Inc. has partnered with a local smart lock technology company, KeyInCode, to offer its clients the industries leading access control solutions. Continue reading to learn more about the capabilities or KeyInCode and how it can increase your business or homes security.

KeyInCode Bluetooth enabled Security

KeyInCode entered the market with pin code electronic locksets and more advanced Smart-Locks utilizing Blue-Tooth technology. Connecting these locks to Bluetooth enables efficient remote management by smart-phone or keypad. KeyInCode added the Gateway, capable of managing single locks from anywhere there is WiFi.

KeyInCloud: Cloud-Based Security Solution

KeyInCode has since expanded since creating the industries' best remote access control technology. By starting a new division, KeyInCloud, end-users now can use a robust Cloud-Based Software to complement a cost-effective WiFi lock and devices system. This enables end-users cost savings on equipment and enhances operational efficiencies. 

KeyInCode Advantages

Limitless Lock Management

Combining Keyincode Electronic SmartLock WiFi locksets and other locks and readers they may already have installed in the facility is a unique benefit. The ability to manage 1 to 1000's of Devices, Doors, Locations and Users with a single software portal 24/7 is exciting and a game-changer.

Seamless installation Access Control

Keyincode/KeyInCloud product/software allows Installers in the Alarm, Locksmith or Integrator markets along with in-house technicians of End Users to quickly and easily provision devices to the KIC Cloud Management platform via existing WiFi infrastructure at the end-user location. 

Unified Integration of Access Control

There is no requirement for a local PC, Server, Software, Wiring, Power Supplies or Gateways. All that is needed is legacy WiFi, and the Keyincode/KeyinCloud platform can be up and running within minutes of the installation of each unit. 

Artery Lock | KeyInCode Access Control

The KeyInCloud User Interface is intuitive, user-friendly & provides users a simple to use dashboard for managing entryway access. From Employees & Apartment building Tenants to Guests, Technicians, Delivery Personnel, or Visitors, your single property or multiple properties will be accurately secured.

Contact Artery Lock today to learn more about how to get KeyInCode installed at your business today!