Systems Designed to Work Together

Local and Remote Access

Today’s security devices require intimate knowledge of computer networks and systems. Our team of installers and partners are expert in network configuration and management.  Whether across campus or across the country, our devices can be securely accessed, controlled and maintained on or off-site.

Mobile Integration

Complex security systems require a new realm of control and authentication from multiple points of contact.  Beyond just “Phone Apps” your system administrator can access, maintain or retrieve information from the system through many types of mobile devices while on land, sea or air.

Fiberoptic, Category Network Cabling and Wireless LAN Solutions

We design and install the hard cabling and other network infrastructure necessary to support complex security deployments.  We are licensed and factory trained in high and low voltage electrical work.  We are certified in both fiberoptic and network cabling required to connect security devices and systems. We design and install Millimeter Band, point to point, mesh and other wireless LAN networks.  All systems are designed in-house.  We create network connectivity for our security devices at a fraction of the cost of the large Cable and Telecom providers.

Computer Systems and Peripherals

We custom build and configure our switches, VMS Servers, PCs and many peripheral devices.  In addition to matching factory specifications, we often design better solutions, with longer warranties and higher quality components than the OEM hardware ensuring greater “uptime” and total performance over the life of the device.

Home Automation, Security, Lighting and Control Systems

The “Internet of Things” is connecting all of the devices you manage.  It lets you automate your home or office and monitor it from afar. We offer and install devices to make management of your property effortless whether on-site or on the go.  Door locks, lighting, thermostats, sound systems, irrigation control, security systems, cameras and other devices can be controlled and connected through a variety of hardware and software solutions.  We specify products that conform to the latest devices and platforms such as Schlage Connect, Codelocks, Lifx, Nest, Scout, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Amazon Echo, IFTTT and more!  Contact us with your home automation needs.

Onsite Training and Support Services

Training and consultation for software applications, hardware installations, and best practices.


Physical Security

Physical Security begins with robust keys, locks, sturdy door hardware and well-built security fixtures designed to prevent intrusion and property loss.

Key Management

We specify key management systems that help you take control of your keys. We have key cabinets, key drawer inserts and electronic key cabinets that help you get organized. Our electronic key cabinets can provide an audit and accountability of key use and can alert you by email or text if a key has not been returned or has gone missing.

Restricted Keys

Most home and office keys are easily duplicated at your local hardware store or home improvement center. At Artery Lock Security, we feature Medeco(™) Patented keys and locks that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. We will not make copies or these restricted keys without proper authorization and documentation.

High Security Keys

Medeco(™) keys are in use by more industrial, military, government and law enforcement agencies all over the world than any other brand. The reason is simple: They provide an unmatched level of security. We have been a Medeco Dealer since they were introduced in 1974 and service All of their levels of keys: X4, Keymark(™) Biaxial in standard and Interchangeable Core cylinders for doors, switches, vending machines, padlocks and industrial cabinets. Medeco(™) locks are pick, bump and drill resistant. By upgrading your lock cylinders to Medeco(™) there’s no need to replace existing hardware to obtain a single secure system.

Re-Key Service

When you purchase a new home, apartment or business, it is critical that you re-key to insure that old keys and unaccounted for keys are not able to be used to gain entry without your knowledge. Call us for a free estimate.

Key System Design

We design key systems that allow a few select keys to fit in one, many or all locks. We give you control over your physical entry points while minimizing the total number of keys outstanding or require you carry an unnecessary amount of keys.

Key Duplication

We have thousands of  residential, commercial, tubular, automotive, motorcycle and even vintage key blanks in stock at all times. From Barrel, Tubular, skeleton, antique cabinet and desk drawer and traditional keyways, visit our Retail Showroom  to have your key duplicated.

Door Hardware

Know your grade: The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grades hardware based on specific manufacturing methods and materials to determine the strength and durability of the hardware and finish. Grade 3 commonly found in do-it-yourself blister packaging is far less durable and secure than Grade 2 or 1 door hardware. At Artery Lock Security Integration, we rarely specify grade 3 hardware for our clients.

We also specify the finest door hardware, knobs and levers for residential properties from Emtek, Baldwin, Marks, Yale, Schlage, Codelocks, and others.

Door Closers

A door closer is an essential part of many commercial door hardware installation. Door closers are used to insure that Fire Doors remain shut or can be triggered to close a door during a fire alarm or other event. Entry and Access Control doors must be closed to ensure proper security. We specify many types of closers in many grades or finishes. We also feature door closers in Custom Colors to match your unique design specifications.

Panic Devices

Commonly referred to as “crash bars” or “push bars” these devices are essential equipment in commercial properties or where occupancy dictates their use.  Used in case of fire or evacuation, a person simply “crashes” into the device with any part or their hand, arm or body and the door is unlatched allowing for safe egress. We have both standard and electrified panic devices in may trim levels and finishes to meet your aesthetic, security and fire-safety needs.