Video Surveillance

CCTV isn’t a “Closed Circuit” any more. In today’s video surveillance systems, on-site, off-site, mobile network and remote access capabilities are a must-have. Analytics and on-camera storage are features analog cameras simply cannot offer. Tablet, laptop and phone integration is commonplace. Image capture is more than just recorded video, its forensic evidence and can mean the difference between a frivolous lawsuit and justice served. In today’s litigious society, having usable evidence of an incident is critical to keeping you, your company and its employees out of harm’s way. Integrated with Access Control, surveillance systems add an additional layer of authentication or corroboration of evidence. In case of accident or theft, check the surveillance video against your access control records to prove that the credential used at the door was being held by its rightful owner and not someone who found or stole it specifically to gain entry to your facility.

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