Simple upgrades to your home security you shouldn’t overlook

No one likes to think about the worst happening – car accidents, a fire, or your home getting broken into. Unfortunately, these things do happen. So it is vital to take the necessary steps to prevent them as much as we can and to minimize any damages that occur if a bad event does take place.

One of the most important assets to secure is your home. Luckily, there are some inexpensive ways you can protect your home should a break-in occur. 

Have a security plan

Talk with your family. Make sure they know the basics of keeping the home secure and follow them. They should know to keep all windows and doors locked and check them regularly. Make sure the garage is secure, and ladders are stored inside. Also, create a plan for your family to follow if a break-in should occur. Now is also a good time to remind your children what to do if a fire or other emergency happens as well. Making these types of conversations, a regular priority will ensure that your family knows what to do should a situation ever occur. 

Consider shatterproof windows

Your first-floor windows and doors are particularly vulnerable to break-ins. You should consider installing shatterproof glass on these doors and windows. Shatterproof glass has become significantly less expensive over the years, therefore making it a more viable option than it has been in the past. 

Purchase a video doorbell

Some of the most common burglaries these days occur with packages being stolen from front porches. Additionally, sometimes burglars will ring your doorbell to see if anyone is home before breaking in (if no one answers) or if someone does answer, but seems easy enough to overpower, they may enter anyway. To help prevent these situations from occurring, and having evidence if something like this should happen, install a video doorbell. Amazon makes a reasonably inexpensive video doorbell that will help you keep surveillance on your front door. 

Artery Lock of Medford: Improving Greater Boston Home Security

After following these precautions, you may want to have a better idea of how else you can secure your home. If that’s the case, consider contacting Artery Lock. Artery Lock has been providing the greater Boston area with security recommendations for over 60 years and can help you analyze your specific needs for keeping your home secure.