Stoneham, MA

Stoneham, MA Locksmith Services

Stoneham is a Boston suburb sandwiched between the neighboring towns of Woburn and Melrose. Just 9 miles north of Boston, Stoneham is a residential town right off of I-93 and has a population of a little more than 20,000 people. Stoneham has a quaint, downtown main street with a variety of small, locally owned shops and restaurants. With our offices just down the road in Medford, Stoneham is an ideal location for Artery lock to offer our services!

Locksmith Services in Stoneham, Ma

Stoneham borders the town where our office is located, Medford, to the north. I-93 and the Fellsway West/Rt. 28, which runs parallel to I-93, provides us with easy access to residents in need of our Stoneham, MA locksmith and security services. Whether your personal residence requires locksmith services or it’s your business, Artery Lock is here for you!

Video Surveillance in Stoneham, Ma

Residents and business alike in Stoneham rely on dependable video surveillance. Video Surveillance helps secure homes and places of business and can help bring criminals to justice if a crime was committed. The presence of security cameras alone will deter those with ill intentions away as if criminals have one thing in common, it is that they don’t want to be caught. If you are a homeowner or business decision maker and considering video surveillance, give us a call today! Our trained staff will strive to understand your security needs and match you with the best, most cost-efficient solution.

Electronic Access in Stoneham Ma

Electronic access allows those with keycards access to specific doors or areas of building through the advent of Electronic Access Control. This technology is utilized mainly in business settings as it can dramatically cut down on security costs from a key and lock perspective. Admins can grant or revoke permissions from a secure internet connection within a compatible platform your electronic access runs through. As employees are hired, fired, or move on to other opportunities, there will be no more looking for a key of a past employee, eliminating the need to upgrade locks! Electronic access also keeps records of who enters areas and when which can allow business owners more insight into employee productivity.

Artery Lock Services in Stoneham, Ma

Our technicians are just a call and a quick drive away if you are located in Stoneham, Ma! If you have questions regarding how we help residents and business become more secure, give us a call today. We are happy to explain how we implement security and work with you to address specific security concerns!