The Difference Between Rekeying and Replacing Locks

Replacing Locks vs. Rekeying

When it comes to changing your locks, there are two different things you can do. First is replacing the door locks, and the next is rekeying the door locks. Replacing the locks is an extensive process to help ensure security for your home. Replacing locks involves removing and replacing the whole locking system on a door and installing a new locking system. In contrast to that, rekeying is a more common way to change locks because it is cheaper. Rekeying the door locks involves changing the existing locks so the realign with new keys. Either method of changing locks can be done on your own; however, to ensure the project is done correctly and to ensure the security of your property, it is a good idea to hire an experienced and trusted locksmith to complete the job properly.

Cost of Replacing a Lock System

Replacing a lock system is an extensive process that comes with more costs. Depending on what door lock system you like can influence that price. Different door locks can range from $40 to $300 for the more advanced and high-quality door lock and handle designs. Because replacing a lock can be a confusing process that is different for each door lock, it is important to hire a locksmith to ensure the job is done correctly. Hiring a locksmith will increase the cost by $80 to $200 depending on the locksmith and the lock.

Cost of Rekeying a Lock System

There are kits available for individuals who want to rekey on their own. These kits are fairly inexpensive, usually about $20. However, if you are looking for your lock to be rekeyed professionally, hiring a locksmith typically costs around $80 to $160 for this job.

When to Replace Lock and to Rekey

Now that you know the difference between rekeying and replacing locks, how do you know when you should do each of these? If you are in the unfortunate situation that you have misplaced or lost your key, the best option for you is to rekey your lock system. Another case where rekeying is the best solution is if you have recently moved to a new residence. To ensure you and your home’s safety, it is a smart idea to rekey your locks. However, if you experience your key often jamming or getting stuck while trying to unlock or lock your door, then rekeying will not fix this issue. In this case, the best option for you is to replace your lock.

Contact a Locksmith

If you are looking to replace your lock or to rekey, it is wise to rely on an experienced professional locksmith to ensure that the job is done right. Artery Lock has been helping the community with replacing locks, rekeying, and many other security jobs for years. Our team is happy to help with any locksmith job! Fill out an online contact form to have your locks changed today!