Tips for home surveillance

Home surveillance

Are you considering installing a video surveillance system to your residence? If so, there are a few tricks that can ensure you are getting the most out of your homes system. Take a look at our blog on the ins and outs regarding home surveillance and how to keep your home safe. Artery Lock is certified to install, troubleshoot and maintain a home’s surveillance system, but it is also important you understand how they work too!

To catch a criminal, you must think like a criminal!

It is easy to look up an article on recommend places to put cameras but each home has their unique security challenges. Before installing a system yourself or by a technician, go around the perimeter of your home and look for any vulnerabilities. Look for specific, easily accessible windows that are tucked away on sides of your home not exposed to the street or your yard. Also, consider any large branches from near by trees that could act as a walkway to your roof or another window. As you assess specific vulnerabilities, you can begin narrowing down the most ideal spots to put your cameras.

Doors and entrance ways!

Did you know almost 35% of burglaries happen through the front door? There is also additional 20% or so that occur through back or side entrances. When installing cameras to guard these entrance ways, be sure they are strategically placed and the area is well lit. You don’t want some one to be able to sneak around the camera’s range of view or have the camera not be able to identify the suspect due to lack of lighting. If lighting is an issue, adding floodlights that can be set to go off to motion at specific time windows should deter most criminals.

Additionally, it can be beneficial to add indoor security cameras facing entrances. If criminals get past the other cameras with hoodies or masks, it is often the remove them once in the home. The indoor cameras will then be able to identify the intruder.

Email/Text Alerts and Smart Home Intercom

Almost all home security systems can now be accessed through your cellular device. Depending on your system you may be able to receive email or text alerts notifying you if motion sensors or doors have been opened. You can also spring for an intercom that can installed through your home which would allow you to alert the trespassers with your own voice!

Artery Lock Has Solutions

While these are important tips/ options to consider, having a professional install your security system is always the best option. Artery Lock will help you understand the reasons behind where we install cameras and how best to utilize the software associated with your new system. Give us a call today at 781.395.5243 or visit our contact us page to set up an appointment to review your home’s security!