Tips on Preventing Burglaries for Businesses

Break-ins can be very expensive and scary for anyone, including business owners. Fixing the broken windows or doors can cost a fortune, not to mention the items/money stolen during the burglary. Protect your business and your bank account by taking these preventative steps to stop a burglar right in their tracks.

Tempered Glass Windows

Instead of traditional glass windows, install tempered glass for your business. Tempered glass windows are more challenging to break than regular glass. Burglars will often get deterred from these types of windows because of the difficulty. Not only is tempered glass harder to break, but it is also much louder when it does break. Loud noises can draw a lot of attention, which is something thieves want to avoid.

Lock Away Valuables

Businesses often have a lot of money and valuables at the location. It is essential to keep cash and other valuables stored in safes that are hidden. For retail stores, it is also important to keep items of high value hidden from the storefront windows. If high-value items are on display, it could entice burglars. Another important tip is to always take the money out of the cash register at the end of the day and lock it in the hidden safe.

Install Security Cameras

Installing video surveillance systems at your business is a very effective way to reduce and prevent break-ins. Not only will burglars be deterred by just seeing security cameras installed, but it will also help catch a burglar if a break-in does take place. Security cameras are also an excellent addition to any business to monitor daily activity. It is important to have security cameras professionally installed. This is so important because professionals will ensure that there are no blind spots and that the cameras are working properly.

Good Lighting

Lightning can also be a great deterrent for burglars. The best practice for keeping the exterior well lit is to install lighting features at all the points of access for the business. Thieves are less likely to try to break in when an area is well lit because there is a greater chance someone will see them. It is also important to regularly replace bulbs or receive maintenance work to keep the lights working.

These are just a few of many tips to keep a business safe and protected. If you are trying to keep your business secure, learn more about different types of locks for commercial businesses.