Video Surveillance catches Arson Suspect in Somerville

The Somerville Police Department apprehended a man that is suspected of starting 3 separate fires this past Wednesday. The accused man has been accused of starting 3 fires near Partner HealthCare, located in Assembly Row of Somerville.

The police responded to a call at 4:30 AM regarding 3 fires. These fires took place in the Partners Healthcare Garage that is located at Revolution Drive. Due to the nature of these small fires involving some of Partners Healthcare maintenance vehicles, it is estimated to have caused upwards to $500,000 in damages. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries due to these fires.

How the police came to find this man was through video surveillance provided by Partners Healthcare. After a quick response time, the police confronted the man in a nearby parking lot. The suspects’ story didn’t add up in addition to providing the police with a fake name upon questioning. After comparing the surveillance footage, it was clear he was the suspect Somerville PD was looking for.

The motivation behind these fires are still unclear and the suspect was ordered by the court to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Partners Healthcare’s normal, day-to-day operations weren’t impacted, and employees of Partners Healthcare were notified of the incident via company email.

Artery Lock: Video Surveillance Experts

Stories like these are the reason business large and small should invest in video surveillance. Due to the nature in which these cameras were set up, the authorities were able to piece together the actual events, which contradicted the story of the accused.

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